OOC: Oh Castiel, DHoH….

First my friend knocks on my door and I squeal and cuddle with my bunny.

Then my sister randomly charges into my room screaming and I just go:

"OHHHHMMYYYYYYGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD" and leap 5 feet into the air screaming

And then they started a new one. Great.

But why does the new list say Todd Hendricks was drained of all his blood already..?


  1. daltonshouseofhorror said: ooc; Sorry. Forgot to update the story page awhile ago when I made a second post. “Phones and Fears” is now linked~
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    I know right?! But what was up with the whole old guy in the portrait and Adam resemblance???
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    I really wish they all (except Adam) would have lived! D: